Established in 2019, LEAVI specializes in providing green, clean and environmentally friendly products with the aim of reducing the use of plastic utensils, reducing the burden on the environment.Our infrastructure is centrally located, along with a chain of carefully selected raw material suppliers and periodically inspected by large organizations in the ASEAN region.



LEAVI.CO offers customers a wide choice of packaging, food containers to meet the retail market and high-end, sophisticated product lines for quality-demanding items.


At LEAVI, we set strict standards for hygiene, cleanliness, quality and strict manufacturing processes.

We look forward to giving our customers a SAFETY - CHUNG VUI experience with relatives and friends through the product lines that our company is distributing.


Demand for using green, environmentally friendly products and consumers is increasing, understanding that, LEAVI has promoted the development of high quality, safe and convenient product lines. And above all, LEAVI specially offers all kinds of packaging, materials made from nature, according to GREEN - CLEAN - BEAUTIFUL standards.


Our mission is to provide eco-friendly products that contribute to enhancing the value of individuals in the use of green products, minimizing plastic and persistent waste. Bringing Vietnamese consumers closer to civilized consumption habits, we also provide products to not only Vietnamese consumers but also to international customers through diverse transportation services, E-commerce channel (amazon, lazada, ..)


We always value our customers and constantly improve to bring you what you need. It can be said that, LEAVI is a big family and every time we welcome a customer, we are like having new members.